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$1721 Saved With Wind Mitigation Form!

Tina Blackwell ARMDue to the changes in the insurance carriers models the cost of wind insurance has increased significantly in some areas.  If you have not obtained a wind mitigation form we recommend that you do today!  A wind mitigation inspector will typically not charge for the inspection if no credit will be obtained on your insurance.  There is no downside to having the inspection completed and the upside potential could provide thousands of dollars in insurance premium savings.

Origional HomeOwners Insurance Bill

Customer's Origional HomeOwners Insurance Cost $5030.82Result of Wind Mitigation Credit $1,721 in Savings to this Home Owner!


Wind Mitigation Savings Applied to HomeOwners Insurance Policy

Savings as Result of Home Owner obtaining Wind Mitigation Credit!

Think You Need An Independent Insurance Agent?

The article attached that was featured in the Wall Street Journal does a nice job of explaining the value that an independent insurance agent provides.  This value includes but is not limited to the following:  

1. Wide range of access to insurers

2. Knowledge of insurance market pricing

3. Coverage options available to address risk  

4. Independent advise at the time of a claim

5. Personalized customer service

Read the Wall Street Journal Article Here.

Florida Home Owners Cost Savings | Wind Mitigation Form Updated 02/2012

Florida Home Owners who have completed wind mitigation forms have recieved significant cost savings on their homeowners insurance premium.  The premium reduction can be hundreds or thousands of dollars based on the Home Owners premium.  The most significant savings have been for older homes that have new roofs since 2001.

We recommend that all our customers have a wind mitigation form completed for their home.

The form has been revised effective February 2012. Click here for revised wind mitigation form.

We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding wind mitigation credits.

Umbrella Coverage – Cost of Fatal Car Collision is $6 Million Dollars

An article put out by USA today outlines financial impact of fatal car crashes per a study that was conducted by AAA.

The emotional toll for Americans who lose a friend of loved one in a motor vehicle crash has a steep financial counterpart – an average $6 million per fatal accident, according to auto club AAA.  The article also sites that the average cost of injury only car crash is $126,000.

With estimates as high as 30% of drivers in Florida are driving around uninsured it is key that you make sure that your business or family has protected its assets by purchasing high enough  liability limits.

We are here to help you understand the risks and the cost benifit of the insurance that will protect your business and family.

New Secure On Line Payment Option Available to our Customers

To help make life easier for our customers we now have a secure on line payment option available!  You can click on link at the bottom of the home page   https://blackwellinsurance.net/contact-us/pay-securely-online-with-vcheck/ or by the contact us button at the top of the page.  If you have any questions or need any additional information give us a call 850 769 2225 or e mail at info@blackwellinsurance.net.   We appreciate your business!

Hurricane Irene Flood Damage Devastates

Hurricane Irene Flood Damage Devastates

Floods are the most catastrophic property hazards in the United States.  Thirty to Forty percent of Flood Losses occur in non designated flood zones.  Flood insurance responds to wave wash or any type of rising water.  If Flood Insurance is not required by your commercial or personal lender you should still purchase flood insurance!  It is always a separate policy and the cost is as low as a few hundred dollars a year.

There is a thirty day wait on new flood insurance policies so make sure you are covered and buy your flood insurance today.  Don’t wait until after the storm!

The cost driver of the damage that was caused by hurricane Irene is Flood damage.

I think this article that was put out by Reuters is well written and provides some practical tips regarding coverage and claims procedures after the storm. Read it here.

As an independent insurance agency we are constantly engaged on behalf of our customers at the time of a loss.   We answer any questions our customers have and manage their expectations at the time of a loss as to what to expect during the claims process.   We also work as an advocate for our customers when there is a disagreement on the value of the property loss between the carrier’s adjustor and our customer.  Most of the time any disagreement is worked out quickly by providing missing information that is needed to an adjustor.

Here at Blackwell Insurance we have been providing insurance for the citizens of Florida since 1972 and understand the catastrophic exposure that our commercial businesses and residents face.

For a Flood Insurance quote please call us today at 850 769 2225.  A quote takes less than five minutes and can protect from a financially devastating loss.

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Indiana State Fair Collapse Tragedy and How Special Event Insurance Could Help!

Tina Blackwell, ARM, Blackwell Insurance

When a special event is taking place there is no predicting when a tragic event may occur.  At the Indiana State Fair the high winds caused the stage to collapse killing five concert-goers and injuring many others.  A Special events policy could have been purchased on this event and would help respond on behalf of the event organizer to address the injuries and loss of life.


Below is the link to our web site regarding Special Event Insurance:


How to make sure that you are prepared for Hurricane Season

Tina Blackwell, ARM, Blackwell Insurance Three easy steps to help you prepair for Hurricane Season:

1. Check your property insurance value and make sure it is up to date with replacement cost in the current market.

2.  Take photos or video of your property (home or business) inside and out and make a detailed list of contents inside to provide to adjustor at the time of the claim.

3.  Make sure you have purchased Flood Insurance.  Flood Insurance is always a seperate policy and 30-40% of flood losses occur in a non designted flood area.  You should purchase flood now because there is a 30 day wait for flood insurance if it is not required by a bank.

For these tips and more please watch news clip below: