Insurance for the Marine Industry

  • Marinas
  • Guide Boats
  • Fishing Guides
  • Ship Builders
  • Cargo Ships
  • Commercial Fishing Fleets
  • Marine Transportation
  • Ship Repairers
  • Boat Dealers
  • Boat Manufacturers
  • Marine Contractors
  • Port Authorities
  • Charter Boats

We are a Florida based company that understands businesses that are based on this beautiful coastline. Marina’s, guide boats, fishing guides, ship builders, cargo ships and commercial fleets – we understand your operations. Our commercial insurance department is here to help, and we are able to tailor an insurance program to fit the needs of your business. We will discuss your exposures with you and help you select the most comprehensive coverage for the best value. We will be here to answer any questions you may have, and advocate for you on any claims that may occur.