Boiler & Machinery / Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Equipment Breakdown covers for loss as a result to sudden and accidental equipment breakdown. Boiler & Machinery coverage can include property damage, business income, extra expense and spoilage. This coverage is affordable and the best way we can illustrate value is by listing some actual claims situations where the customers had the coverage and the losses were paid at the time of the loss:

Claims Example

Retail Store

A retail store had coolers that contained ice cream and the semi hermetic compressor condensing unit used to cool the case seized up overnight. There was a cost to repair the refrigeration equipment and all the ice cream had to be thrown out. The spoilage and property damage value of this claim was $20,000.

A water heater overheated and ruptured due to control failure and a malfunctioning relief valve. The rupture caused water damage to the store and the location had to be shut down for a day. The Property Damage loss was $75,000.

Condo & Apartment Example

A 1500-kw generator used for primary backup power production in a multi-story condominium failed after incurring an electrical fault. The generator needed rewinding and the condo association secured a rental unit until repairs were completed the Property Damage claim was $75,000 and Extra Expense amounted to $11,500

Our agents make sure that you are familiar with coverage limits and deductible options available so that you can secure the boiler and machinery coverage best suited to your business activity. We are independent agents and we have over a hundred carriers available when we shop for your insurance coverage.