Insurance Check | How to Prepare for the Storm!

1.  Get your insurance policies out so that you will have your policy number and the claims hot-line information ready if needed

2.  Take photos and or video of your property inside and out prior to storm and upload on line or e mail so that information can be easily sent to a claims adjuster



$1721 Saved With Wind Mitigation Form!

Tina Blackwell ARMDue to the changes in the insurance carriers models the cost of wind insurance has increased significantly in some areas.  If you have not obtained a wind mitigation form we recommend that you do today!  A wind mitigation inspector will typically not charge for the inspection if no credit will be obtained on your insurance.  There is no downside to having the inspection completed and the upside potential could provide thousands of dollars in insurance premium savings.

Origional HomeOwners Insurance Bill

Customer's Origional HomeOwners Insurance Cost $5030.82Result of Wind Mitigation Credit $1,721 in Savings to this Home Owner!


Wind Mitigation Savings Applied to HomeOwners Insurance Policy

Savings as Result of Home Owner obtaining Wind Mitigation Credit!